Thanksgiving Plans for Those Far From Home

Thanksgiving Plans for Those Far From Home

The flight from New York City to Seoul, South Korea, is 14 hours, which is way too far for Jun Park ’20 to travel for Thanksgiving break, so instead he, like many other Williston students from all over the world, will spend the break away from home.

Jun will travel to Boston for the break, where he said he’s planning on doing college tours, including Boston University and Boston College.

It won’t be all college prep, though.

“We’ll probably do some shopping, get some new clothes and winter stuff,” said Jun. “I am also excited for the food in the city.”

Despite having a busy break planned, Jun said he looks forward to finding some well-deserved rest after a successful fall trimester.

Junior Nikita Tokarskiy’s home city of Vladivostok, Russia, is over 19 hours away by plane, so he will wait until holiday break to return home, and go to Boston as well over the Thanksgiving break.

“It is too long of a flight to return home, and I also need to get ready for the SAT,” said Nik, “so I’ll be doing a camp for it in Boston.”

Although the camp will not be the most fun, he admitted, Nik expressed the importance of preparing for his standardized tests. He will be attending the SAT prep camp for the entirety of his break.

Traveling a little further — but not all the way home — Jade Chan ’20, from Hong Kong, will be heading to the Golden State, where she will spend her time resting after a long first trimester.

“I have some family out in Northern California towards San Francisco that I will be staying with,” said Jade, “I am really looking forward to relaxing and being done with this trimester.”

Jade also expressed her intentions of touring some schools while she is on the west coast. “I’ll probably tour Berkeley [University of California, Berkeley] as well as some other schools. It’s always good to do when you’re in a different area.”