CID Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Danielle Grant

Flags outside the Reed Campus Center representing the international students.

Amidst delicious food including rice and beans, churros, and flan, Alejandro Ruiz Boughton ’21, Linda Mochon ’21, and Bernadette Stark, a Hispanic lawyer, addressed the Williston community during the October Community Identity Discussions (CID), which honored Hispanic Heritage month. They each shared aspects of their life story and cultural background.

It was junior Alejandro’s second time speaking at a CID event. “I usually have everything in my head and it’s like I’m throwing up information, but I think I felt more comfortable during this CID,” he said. In the past he has discussed his views towards Catholicism and its role in his upbringing.

Alejandro, from Monterrey, Mexico, spoke about the cultural differences he has experienced between the U.S. and Mexico. Alejandro discussed how he feels that social culture in Mexico is very hierarchical and cliquish.

He also said that, through Linda, “[He] learned a lot about a side of Mexico that is out of reach of his experience, for example the large population of Jewish people who live in the country.”

Bernie spoke about her life and how it has informed her work in family law. She discussed how she took a six-figure job in corporate law after college to payoff her student loans. Subsequently, she applied for loan forgiveness and gave up that job to pursue her passion in family advocacy, which she has done for more than 20 years.

She emphasized how growing up in an underprivileged community really motivated her to do service for other underprivileged communities. She proceeded to discuss current politics and how lawyers are desperately needed to provide legal services to migrants at our border.

Erin Davey, Director of Inclusion and Community Life, said she thinks CID events are important because they “offer a platform for people to share their stories and tell their truth, which allows for the community to understand its members on a deeper, more personal level.”