Celtics’ Luck Running Out


On the back of Jayson Tatum’s 51 point thriller, the Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they will square off against the Miami Heat vying for a spot in the NBA finals.

On Thursday, May 11 the Celtics were down 3 game to 2 in the series with the Sixers, and losing 83-81 with less than six minutes to go. Then Tatum, Boston’s resident superstar, decided to turn it on, hitting back-to-back three pointers to put the C’s up. While Tatum played villain during game six in Philly, he flipped the switch and played hero ball back home in Boston during game seven on May 14, doing everything for the C’s en route to a blow out victory.

As the Celtics inch their way further into the postseason, fans are looming for a Garden Party this June if the Celtics can return to the NBA finals. The road ahead is not easy; if the Celtics can outlast the Heat they will have to face Lebron James’ Lakers or 2x MVP Nikola Jokic’s Denver Nuggets. Nonetheless, Celtics Nation can be thrilled to see their team vying for a spot in the NBA Finals.

Colin Larson, an avid fan of Boston sports, is happy to see the Celtics pick up the slack.

“With a downturn of the Patriots and Red Sox success as of late, the Celtics have brought a sense of excitement and community back to Boston and the surrounding areas,” said Larson.

James Elliott, a Boston sports fan and member of Williston’s Varsity Basketball team, wants to break out the ol’ duck boats this summer in Bean Town.

“The Celtics are one of the most successful franchises in NBA history with 17 championships which creates high expectations,” said James, who bears a slight resemblance to the Celtics mascot, Lucky. “Their success this season has filled the garden excitement and pride for the city of Boston and the entire New England region. All Boston fans want to see in banner number 18 in the rafters.”

The Celtics quickly began their semifinal series against the Miami Heat by digging themselves a 3-0 hole in the series, with losses on May 17, 19, and 21. This has left many Celtics fans frustrated because the Celtics are playing far below their talent. The C’s poor series has prompted questions about the future of the team and coaches.

Head coach of the Williston Varsity Basketball team, Ben Farmer, has been frustrated by the Celtics during the durations of the playoffs.

“It’s been frustrating for me the whole playoffs honestly, even the Atlanta series and the Philly series and now obviously the Miami series,” Farmer said. “They got away with things against Atlanta and Philly that they can’t get away with against Miami.”

“They don’t take enough pride in the little things, you know?” he added. “Moving the basketball, moving their bodies, defending, playing with urgency, playing for on another and not letting shots not going in dictate how they play on the other end.”

Barring a miraculous comeback, the duck boats won’t be out this summer, and both the Celtics and Bruins will have let down Boston fans in brutal fashion.