Campus to Stay Open and Active During Spring Break


Spring break this year is shaping up to be different than any in the past, and instead of kids going home, it could  include movie nights, banquets, and trips to the arcade.

Many boarders are considering staying on campus during the three-week long spring break because of the two-week quarantine that comes with travel. Unlike years past, Williston will remain open.

For the seven students who stayed on campus during winter break, Williston offered a variety of fun activities. Similar activities could be offered during spring break.

Tee Tesharojanasup ’21, who stayed on campus during winter break, hopes that the events held during winter break will also be offered during spring break.

“During winter break, the school organized a movie night, ski trips, and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner,” he said. “I also went to an arcade and I played Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and air hockey. I destroyed everyone I played against. On Christmas day, I went to Mrs. Vachet’s house in the afternoon and played Mafia, Yankee swap, and had fun conversations.”

“The break was definitely less boring with these activities. Without them, I would have spent the whole time playing videogames. I hope Williston does more of them during spring break,” he said.

Shuei Harada ’23, who will stay on campus during spring break, also hopes that similar events will be offered.

“My favorite activity was skiing,” he said. “We went twice to Berkshire East. I haven’t skied in a few years since I live in Tokyo where it doesn’t snow, so it was very refreshing. It was very cold at first, but it got warmer once I started skiing. We spent the whole day there and even got takeout at Oriental Taste on our way back. I was sad that I have to stay on campus for spring break, but these fun events make it better.

Daniel Shin ’22, hopes students will have access to Williston’s sports facilities during spring break.

“I’m planning to stay in the U.S. during spring break because it’s only three weeks,” Daniel, from South Korea, said. “The whole break will be gone after I quarantine for two weeks, so there’s no point in going back home.”

“I hope I will be able to use the Galbraith field, gym, tennis courts, and athletic center during the break. I think a few of my friends will be staying on campus too, so I want to play soccer or tennis with them. It’ll definitely help me stay less bored.”

Kaitaro Hori ’22, does not want to stay on campus during Spring break because of the social isolation.

“About a year ago when Covid started, I stayed on campus during break with 10 other people,” Kai, from Tokyo, said. “We spent two weeks at Logan house and the school planned some events like go-karting and trips to Chipotle. Not having friends around me was difficult, though. On break, you have no friends on campus, so you either play games, watch movies, or go to the events, but I couldn’t see myself doing that for three weeks.

“Based on that, and also because I would have only one week where I am not in quarantine if I go home, my decision not to stay on campus was clear,” he said.