Campus Looks Forwards To Willy Gras 2023


As the school year ends, Williston hopes to fill the campus with memorable moments of joy: that is what Willy Gras is all for.

Willy Gras is an annual campus event that includes the canoe race, water slides, ice cream, dunk tank, egg toss, and multiple games. They are designed to be fun and competitive, which is also why students look forward to participating. This year, Willy Gras will be held on May 24, and it is the second Willy Gras after the pandemic canceled the 2020 and 2021 events.

School life can seem repetitive, with similar schedules for most students, and sometimes a refresher is needed. Willy Gras provides one such opportunity that gathers all students through fun activities where people can unwind and enjoy the moment together.

Shirley Shi, a three-year senior, appreciates the timing of Willy Gras and believes it ends the school year on a fun note.

“The fact that Willy Gras happens on a weekday just before the end of a school year adds more fun to it,” she said.

Willy Gras this year will be held from 3:00 – 5:00.

Junior student Mary Zhou, who participated in the 2022 Willy Gras, told The Willistonian why Willy Gras is her favorite event on campus.

“It is a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy the summer,” Mary said. “I especially loved last year’s water slides and green-tea ice cream,” she said.

Mary is ready to “reclaim her joy” with her friends in the upcoming Willy Gras.

“It is a day designed to have fun and relax, which feels great,” she said. “And I can’t wait to see what new activities, as well as old ones, are coming up.”

Erin Davey, who is in charge of arranging and designing the Willy Gras, explains why she believes Willy Gras is favorable to so many students.

“Old-school fun and two hours of pure joy—we get to witness the best sides of each other when phones are set aside, celebrating in the simple pleasures of life,” she said. “What’s better than that?”


Shea Huntley, a five-year junior, shared one of her favorite things about Willy Gras: when others are having fun, we share their smiles.


Class competitions include the canoe race, balloon toss, musical chairs, and tug-of-war, which stir the “class spirit” among students. This year, in addition to the canoe race, there is a Candyland Card Game, which is more inclusive and easier to participate. A Candyland game board went up in Schoolhouse on Monday, May 22, and students are tasked with finding the hidden game cards to move on the game board. The grade that first reaches Mr. Hill’s house gets the Candyland t-shirts first.

The fact that Willy Gras always incorporates new activities as well as retaining the old ones makes it more exciting.