Athletes Celebrate Senior Day

With the fall trimester coming to an end, many seniors are playing in their last home games of the season.

Though some students will go on to play these sports in college or in semi-professional leagues, for some, these games are the last time they will play the sports they love. Though the college process is incredibly exciting and spurs hope for the future, students are conflicted; it means giving up the things they love. Sports teams at Williston are like families, and it can be hard to say goodbye.

Williston encourages all students to participate in school sports as they understand the bonding effect teams sports can have on teammates. Along with bringing people together, sports can help young students find themselves. So, leaving the place where you discovered your personal values and had lifechanging experiences, whether on the court, field, or pool, can be incredibly challenging and emotional.

Praghya Raja, a senior Captain for Varsity Volleyball, is not planning on playing at the college level.

“I will definitely miss playing it in college but I definitely plan to join a club team,” Praghya says; she loves volleyball too much to stop playing.

Praghya had her senior game on Saturday, November 6, and reflected on her time playing at Williston. She says, “it was really sad and emotional since I’ve been playing with some of my teammates for four years and have seen them grow as players and as people.”

For a lot of high schools, especially at Williston, sports culture is heavily ingrained into its values. Williston requires all students to do an afternoon activity every trimester, and the majority of the options are athletic. From thirds to varsity levels, Williston heavily encourages its students to try their hand at playing competitive sports.

Ella Mattocks, a senior water polo player who is planning on continuing her athletic career in college, started playing water polo in 2017. Because Williston promotes such an extensive array of sports, Ella found a love for this sport and now “sees it as a part of myself.”

Sports can be incredibly defining for people, especially in a high school that values extracurriculars so much. Because Williston holds practices after school every day, students become involved and invested in the sports they play. These sports become as much a part of students’ lives as their families, classes, and other passions. Leaving such a big part of their lives behind can be incredibly challenging, and senior day can bring up these bittersweet emotions.

Lily Dardano, a senior who has been on JV Field Hockey since seventh grade, said although she’s looking forward to her senior game, she will miss her team dearly and can barely imagine a life without this sport. Her senior game is on Wednesday, November 10.

“I think I will miss the environment/community the most,” Lily says. “It is such a fun place to be as we all care about field hockey, but also just like to have fun.”

As someone who has been playing since fifth grade, Lily says field hockey is “actually my life line.”