Are Aliens Real? Small Group “Storms” Area 51 to Find Out


A small group of about 150 thrill seekers participated in the Storm Area 51 Facebook event last week, though the event didn’t quite live up to the otherworldly hopes some had for it.

Started by Matty Roberts, a professional video game streamer, the Facebook event was created as a gag, however soon gained viral attention, gaining more than two million signatures from people claiming they would attend, and another one and a half million people who expressed interest.

In the past, Area 51, an air force base in Rachel, Nevada has been notorious for supposedly housing aliens, and or alien technology. Although a joke, the motives of the event were to “see them aliens,” by means of overwhelming the guards with sheer numbers, as “they can’t stop all of us.”

According to an article by the New York Times, “Hundreds of people in search of aliens, bragging rights or just a good time have descended on a desolate Nevada town, answering the call of a meme-inspired Facebook event.”

Sophomore Owen Hunter, from Southampton, Massachusetts, believes the raid was “idiotic.”

“Personally, I think its pretty stupid,” said Hunter, “Nobody got anything out of it, so it was pretty pointless.”

Owen guessed people involved in the event were interested merely in “bragging rights,” and that there was no practical purpose in storming the gates.

As both a signee to the event as well as a strong believer in aliens, David Costello 20’ wished he could’ve been there.

“I was really bummed out that I couldn’t make it to the event,” said David. “A whole bunch of my clique was there.”

Costello spoke about the importance of transparency in the government, and not withholding information about extraterrestrials.

On the other hand, Sahnet Ramirez ’20 thinks Area 51 is a hoax. “I think that there are conspiracies in the world, and I guess we will never fully know which ones are real or not, but I really doubt there’s anything to find there,” she said.