Anonymous Egg Takes Over Instagram


Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record of 18 million likes on a single photo was recently broken by a picture of an egg.

The egg took the world by storm, beating the previous world record holder, the youngest of the reality show family, in just 10 days.

The egg was posted on January 4, and has already accumulated over 50 million likes and around three million comments, sitting comfortably in first. Kylie Jenner’s picture, posted in February of 2018, had about 18 million. It was a picture of her newborn daughter, Stormi. Before Kylie Jenner, the most popular pic Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement in 2017, which garnered around 11 million likes. It used to be a trend where some of the world’s most famous celebrities would break each other’s records for most likes, but now, a picture of an egg? What is it about this egg that got it to 50 million likes?

Nobody knows who is behind this mysteriously plain picture.

Some people online are guessing that the egg poster is Supreme Patty, an Instagram celebrity. He and his friends have claimed to be the ones behind the egg in a few of his interviews, but there is no proof. He did however, get a tattoo of an egg, so there may be some legitimacy to the rumor.

Another photo was recently posted by the same account of an egg with a little crack in it. This could possibly be foreshadowing that once the egg is fully cracked, it will reveal something, possibly the creator of the account or maybe something even larger.

We asked a couple of students why the egg has cultivated such massive attention.

Senior Alex Berg said, “People think it is cool to be apart of a world record. They see it as the most liked picture on Instagram and they feel like they contributed.” He also added that, “You can’t really have anything against a picture of an egg, so why not like it?”

Junior Canadian Shaul Mitton didn’t seem to like the egg. He simply said, “I don’t know why an egg would get so many likes. The average person is an idiot.”