Lossone Rink Open for Spring Hockey Workouts


Credit: Williston Flickr

For the first time in Williston history, the Williston Men’s and Women’s hockey teams have the opportunity to skate at Lossone this spring.

Since its creation, Williston has never allowed its hockey teams to play hockey in the spring. This is because Williston believes in diversifying athletics with three different sports during the school year.

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and a drastically shorter winter season, a new opportunity arrived that would allow for Williston’s hockey players to partake in non-practice ice time up to five days a week.

Many Williston hockey players are beyond excited about this new opportunity. Never before had hockey players been able to fully train in the spring in preparation for the summer and the following fall.

This new opportunity would provide many new problems and solutions to issues that Williston hockey players faced.

Going into next season, many seniors are unaware of where they will be headed if they are going to continue to play hockey next year. Some have already decided to go to college to purse academics and just play club hockey. Others have decided to play at the Division 3 level.

With much uncertainty going into next season, an opportunity for extra ice time will be nothing but beneficial.

Men’s Varsity Head Coach, Derek Cunha, thinks having the ice down in the fall is a good idea.

“Our Williston bubble has worked awesome for our community, but outside of it hockey has been going full throttle in [Massachusetts] and around the country and this spring skating will allow our players to be better prepared to match up with those others players who have continued to play,” he said.

Given the opportunity to skate, hockey players will now be able to play their spring sports while simultaneously playing hockey. Playing two sports at the same time has brought up question about how players health will be affected.

“Much like the gym being open, some players may come down a lot, others a little less,” Coach Cunha said. “The players need to know their bodies, their academic workloads, be committed to their spring sports, and be smart about maintaining a balance.”

Two year Senior Will Tripp is excited to be back on the ice.

“[I am] very thankful that the ice is back down,” Will said. “Excited to be back with the boys. Skating should be helpful looking forward to next year and leading into the summer.”