10 Reasons to See The Comedy of Errors

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10 Reasons to See The Comedy of Errors

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Williston’s amazing fall production, The Comedy of Errors, is going to be in the theater from October 27 to 29, telling the hilarious story of mistaken identity.

The Comedy of Errors is one of William Shakespeare’s early works, and a typical example of his farcical comedies. Over the years, it has been adapted into opera, stage, screen, and musical theatre.

Days away from the opening night, the Williston crew are busy rehearsing and getting ready to amaze their teachers, friends, and families with a unique and unforgettable show.

So, why should everyone go see the play? Here are 10 reasons straight from the cast!
1. “It’s hilarious. Some people get slapped,” said Trixie Willems ‘19. “They get stage slapped, but  still, [slapping] is all over the play. You’re gonna have to find out why. We are also going to have a bake sale on the opening night. It’s a
good chance to support your community.”

2. “Everybody is so talented! Our group is just a bunch of geniuses combined together,” said Glede Wang ‘19. “You should definitely come. Everybody loves Shakespeare, right?”

3. “The play itself is funny, fun, and exciting. I think Ms. Ditkovski is combining very cool concepts and makes the play her own,” Harrison Winrow ‘18 said. “The cast of this play already have become very close, and I believe you can witness that on stage. The way we perform, the way we move and act together is entertaining, not only for us, but even more so for the audience. I believe you will have just as much fun as we have on stage.”

4.“To see my beautiful face,” Simone Barrett ‘17 answered.

5.“It’s going to be so funny. Whenever I am watching the rehearsal, it is just so funny. It’s a mix of a lot of things,” said Kevin O’Sullivan ‘18. “The sound effects are really good. You know when you are watching a play, it’s just talking and silence. But we add a lot of sounds in the background, it’s very interesting.”

6.“The way the people play the characters are very funny. The whole play is very interactive,” Nina Renkert ‘20 told The Willistonian.

7. “I think people should definitely come for over the top slapstick humor and really good comedy,” Henning Fischel ‘17 said.

8. “I think this is one of Shakespeare’s coolest pieces. He had a lot of tragedies, but this is a comedy,” Sarah Andrew ‘17 said. “It was also one of Shakespeare’s earliest pieces, which kind of adds to the cool elements as it was written when Shakespeare was starting out.”

9. The Comedy of Errors is going to be super fun. It’s filled with funny moments and audience interactions. There are some really exciting fights, too,” said Maddie Elsea ’19.

10. “We have some really fun parts when the audience actually gets involved,” Yael Trager ’20 told The Willistonian. “It’s even kind of scary how much the audience is into it.”

The Comedy of Errors will open on October 27 and October 29 at 7:30 p.m., and on October 28 at 8:00 p.m. Reserve your tickets on the Williston website.

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