A Day in Life of Sarah Kimmel


Sarah Kimmel ’20 leads a busier life than all of you.

You may know her only from “Kimmel’s Quads,” but that’s just one of the many hats she wears on campus: she also has eight other leadership positions. She is a proctor in Mem West, a leader of the Wildest Cats, a leader of the Jewish Cultural Association, an Admissions Intern, Captain of the Girls’ Swim team, a Student Council Rep, and a tutor in the Math Resource Center, the Writing Center, and the Science Resource Center.

The Willistonian got some insight on Sarah’s average day.

Her morning, three times a week, starts at 6:10 with a workout in the gym. She meets her friend, Madison Hamilton ’21, for lift and heart rate training. Afterwards, at 7:15, she goes to breakfast to write Kimmel’s Quads and to finish her homework.

Not only does her schedule start earlier than most people, she also takes five AP classes and a Williston Scholars course in French. Her AP classes include Biology, Statistics, Literature, Computer Science, and Calculus BC. She wants to become a doctor and plans to go pre-med in college next year.

Before her first class, she has to shower, go back to breakfast again with her friend CC Gray ’21, and also attend the Wildest Cats Meeting.

While in class, Sarah, from Bethesda, Maryland, has to be ready for any pop “opportunities,” which could be mini quizzes, as well as in-class discussions and writing assignments. Her day, already five hours in, moves on with lunch, where she typically sits with what she calls her “English squad,” which includes seniors Jason Albanese, Julia Farnham, Jamie O’Malley, Caroline O’Connor, and Dylan Fulcher-Melendy.

When her academic day is over, she leaves for rowing practice in Springfield with Pioneer Valley Rowing Club, and returns to campus around 6:30 for dinner. She gets half an hour before she has to check people in if she is on duty in Mem.

Sarah spends more than three hours at night doing homework. When study hall ends at 10:00 p.m., she hangs out with her friends. Her day ends, finally, with getting ready for bed at 12:15.

Sarah knew she had to sacrifice time for herself in order to keep up with all her commitments. “Every activity I do [and] class I take is really important to me, so I make time for everything even if it’s a lot,” she said. “I basically just try to get as much done efficiently, so I can get rest and make time for friends.”

Although it seems like she has it together all the time, Sarah admits that she does sometimes get stressed.

“There are two main things that are super important for me to not be overwhelmed,” she told The Willistonian. “The first is to plan out my schedule completely because it forces me to get things done. The other thing is just to talk to my friends [or] advisor [Mrs. Davey] if I’m really overwhelmed to get a better perspective.”

In her hectic schedule, her favorite part of the day is spending time with her friends at dinner and before study hall. Her frees are usually spent finishing homework and taking naps.

Sarah said she loves being involved with the community because she wants to make everyone feel welcome and love the campus as much as she does. “My main goal with everything I do is to make the people around me as happy as possible,” she said.